#PregnancyProblems – The Home Stretch!


Wow! I can’t believed we have finally made it to the final months of this pregnancy. It has been a faster ride then I remember with K-Dub. Soon our second little girl will be here and we our lives will never be the same.

I know I have been posting updates regarding on how my wife has been feeling during this pregnancy but I really have never talked about how I was feeling.

To be honest, I am terrified. Having just one kid is easy but having two sounds like it might be a little intimidating. Also I am dreading going back to the world of late night feelings, no sleep, and constant state of being tired. Also to be a little selfish, October is the last month of marathon training before the big race in November. I hope I can stay focus and get those last few long runs in.

Ok I promise that I am done complaining. I limited myself to one paragraph. Now let’s talk about this pregnancy. First off my wife has not been sleeping well. Everly is constantly moving all night and day. She never stops. My wife and I will be watching TV in our room and I will just look and my wife’s belly starts moving. It’s weird and to be completely honest it freaks me out. My tells me she does this all day at her work also. I hope this is not a sign of things to come! šŸ˜¦šŸ˜±šŸ˜°

We have been working really hard on Everly’s room and I think we are almost done. We still need a crib mattress and some winter clothes for Everly  my wife is planning on breastfeeding with Everly so she tells me she needs nipple pads. She tells me she needs them now cause they are leaking milk now. Pregnancy is gross!

So the last thing is that we have scheduled our C-Section and as of today, Everly Mae Funderburke will make her debut on October 8, 2015 at around 7:30 am. I am excited about her coming and can’t wait to add another baby to my family. I will do another update soon so be on the look out!

The Past Few Weeks

So I would be totally surprised if I had any readers left after this post. It’s not like I have been ignoring the blog but it seems that every time I go to write, it seemed that my mind just would come up with something. I guess I have a case of “extreme writer’s block”. Is that even a thing? 

I don’t want to keep writing about marathon training as that can get boring real quick. It has consumed most of my life at the moment.  My runs are getting faster and by the time I get to the end of the month I start to go further. I am both nervous and scared at this point. I am also excited to see how well I can do this. I have so much support around me. People taking time out of their day to come to the race to cheer me on. I feel I owe it to them and myself to keep going and not stop. 

Did I just bore you with a marathon training update? Sorry. šŸ˜

Crossfit is starting to make a difference in my life. My body has never been stronger.  I actually have muscles on my arms, my chest is looking more chiseled and less like I have “man boobs”. I was really proud of myself for doing a 155 lb squat clean last week! That’s huge for someone like me. I also think I am ready to try a pull up. My coaches are amazing. Coach Greg, Sharon, and Mike encourage me to do my best. To push my limits and to never give up. I think after my marathon I am going to focus more on crossfit and work up to being able to compete. I think I am ready! 

As for the baby… I am not going into too much detail cause I have been working on a post about it. All I will say is that Everly moves a lot! She never stops! My wife has not slept good for the past two weeks and it’s not been the easiest time at our house. 

More on this later. 


#PregnancyProblems Weeks 13 to 18

Well we finally made to the reveal of the gender of our second child. I have to say that this pregnancy has left me wondering if maybe this time around I was going to be having a son. My wife has been very sick all the time, She has craved sour pickles, her belly was what seemed to me, carrying the baby very high. All signs were pointing to a boy.

We decided that we were going to wait and find out with our family. We had the ultrasound tech place the gender in a sealed envelope and we gave it to a trust friend and that went and bought silly string. After covering the cans so we would not see the color, they were placed in a gender natural bag and stapled it shut.

We gathered our family around at the local park. We provided doughnuts and water but we knew that the only thing they cared about was what was in the bad. After handing out the can we stood together and counted down. 1…2…3… SPRAY!!!!


This video doesn’t exist

It was revealed that we were going to have a… GIRL!!!!

Yes another girl! I have to admit that I was a little upset. I swore up and down that this one was going to be a boy. I think that it would have been great to have a boy cause it would have been a new adventure for my wife and I. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for us. I have to say that as I sat and thought about it, I am actually really excited about having another girl. K-Dub loves me to pieces and I she is really a Daddy’s girl. So as of today I am ok with another girl.

As for a name, Everly Mae will be joining our family this October. We are already so in love!

#PregnancyProblems Weeks 9 to 12

Ā So we have almost made through our first trimester and man I can’t wait! This has been a hard pregnancy for my wife but I have to comment that she has been a real trooper through everything. I know that the life growing insider her is sucking her very own life force and this type of activity has left her a very broken woman.

Since my last pregnancy update, my wife has pooped!! Yes she has pooped and I am so glad. She is still so tired all the time. ALL THE TIME! She still goes to bed before 8:30, which is not that bad but she it has left our marriage dangling at a whole different level. I know this due to the fact that when dinner is done she watches one TV show and then heads upstairs. About five minutes later I hear the sound of snoring. Its the way it is with a pregnant wife.

I bought my wife one of the pregnancy body pillows. I call it her question markĀ because thatĀ isĀ what it looks like she is sleeping in at night. I should have never bought it cause now she never snuggles with me anymore and I am left on my side of the bed feeling lonely. I should have took the advice from the movie The Back Up Plan. If your wife is expecting, stop what you are doing and watch the scene in this movie where Anthony Anderson is giving the male lead advice on pregnancy. It will change your life!

My wife is still getting sick. Last week we were in the car and enjoying a nice conversation when she stopped in mid sentence and held her mouth. I grabbed a CVS bag from the back and was stuck listening to my wife blow chunks while driving down the road. She was driving which in all honesty, is very impressive. My wife has always been great a multi-tasking.

The baby growing inside her is still preventing herĀ from eating Mexican food.Ā Tacos in particular. I found this out the hard way when I made the Mexican pie I posted here a few weeks ago. She could not even be around when I reheated it for K-Dub’s lunch the next day. Its been a real struggle to find things for her to eat. She has been doing a great job with drinking water and staying hydrated.

We have started gettingĀ things together for the baby’sĀ room. As many of you know, we have taken the crib our of K-Dub’s room which at the time was very tramatic for her. Now she loves her new bed. At least she acts like it. I think she has not figured out that there is no bars keeping her in. I won’tĀ tell her if you don’t.

Well we are scheduled to find out the gender on May 18th. We are super excited but we are actually not going to find out then. We are going to have the ultrasound and then have the gender wrote on a card and placed in an envelope. We are then going to have balloons blown up and placed in a box where we will open in front of our family and friends so we find out together. I can’t wait!!

Our Little Peanut!Ā 

So Thursday we got to see our newest addition. ļ»æIt makes me happy that we are adding a new member to our family. I have always imagined being a father of three and soon I will be on my way.  

Our doctors appointment went like any other. We sat in the waiting room for what felt like forever. Then the nice lady came and got us and took us to a dark room. My wife got undressed from the waist down and the ultrasound begain. I know a lot of you guys I been through the same thing and that you don’t need my play by play. 

Ultrasounds are another reason I am glad God made me a man. I could not imagine having to get jelly squeezed on you and then either have something rolled on your stomach or have this huge probe inserted in your “lady cave”. 

Suddenly I was looking at my little baby on a huge screen. Well it did not look like a baby but more like a little peanut. Then we heard the heartbeat. It was 124 which is slow but normal for this stage in the pregnancy. Everything looked good and my wife and I were just smiling at one another. 

After our ultrasound we met with Dr. Brown. I love her. She is the same doctor who delivered K-Dub. She never forgets you and is a serious hugger. My wife loves her to pieces. I made some jokes about my wife’s old lady tiredness and told her about our 4 pm Valentine’s Day date. After some loud laughs and hugs she told us that we were actually seven weeks and not eight. She also said that everything looked good and to keep doing what we are doing. Like I said before. I love her! 

Looks like baby number two is doing good. I can’t wait to find out the gender and I can’t wait to hold this sweet little baby in my arms in October. I love being a dad! 

This Week Was A Good Week


So just like the title suggests, this week has brought a lot of changes to my little family. I look back on everything bad that happened to us over the last few months of 2014 and I see whats happened now and it confirms the saying that everything happens for a reason. I finally get why that is.

As many of you know I have been a stay at home dad since the end of October. I have been picking up little odd jobs here and there to make extra money but mostly I have been taking care of K-Dub. We have had a lot of fun and she is amazing! This week I was given an opportunity I could not pass up. I accepted a position at the Charlotte newspaper called The Charlotte Observer. I will be working in the advertising department. I am so excited to finally use some of the skills I learned in college. It is in many ways my dream job. I can still be an amazing dad to K-Dub cause the position is very flexible. I will miss our days of nothing but playing princesses and puzzles but I am ready to spend some time with some other adults.

When I got the job, I told my wife and we were both so excited. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life and she was excited for this…


So it looks like I am going to be a daddy again! All I remember was crying cause I was so happy. My wife and I talked about having another baby but we’re just “not trying” to conceive one. It was still a total shock. We are just praying for a healthy baby. We are due October 9th and we are currently five weeks along. I am super excited for a new member of the family to come.

So yes life is good this week. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to keep praying for. It’s funny how when you lose things you get them back and it’s better then what you had originally.

Please continue to have my family in your thoughts and prayers as we start new jobs and expect our second baby.

This was our announcement yesterday…




Baby Yes Or Baby No?


No we are not expecting but one question that my wife get asked a lot lately is when are we going to add another member to the team. I am not going to lie that my wife and I have discussed this before. We just keep saying that we will wait until K-Dub is 18 months old. Then it changed to wait til she is 2 years old. No matter what is going on with our lives we always find ourselves coming back to this topic.

If you ask me, I have mixed feelings about having another baby. My opinion is divided into four sections, like a pie chart if you will.Ā  Who said math would not come in handy as an adult? The first section is yes I would love to have another baby. This section is very excited and eager to expand the Funderburke family now. When I say now, I mean like rip off my clothes and climb into bed right now. This section is also extremely horny and does not think about the long-term effects of having another baby. This section also spends too much time on People.com reading about other celebrities who are getting pregnant for the second time and makes him think that he needs to keep up. What this section does forget to remember is that these celebrities also have Olga the nanny who is the active parent and can afford to have multiple little life suckers.

The second section like what is the rush to have another baby? I am not even in my 30’s yet. I am in the prime of youth and still have so many things to look forward to. I still am moving up in my job and have other hobbies I would like to explore before adding another kid in the mix. Also, I am still getting to know my daughter and If you want to say I am selfish then that is fine. I am just enjoying her and if I add another kid in the mix it will be taking time away from her. I am just not sure I am willing to do that.

The third section is absolutely no chance in hell I want another kid. This section has not forgotten about the lack of sleep, constant crying, and the unbelievable amount of money that another baby will cost. This section does not want another kid and is content with just having K-Dub be an only child. We just got K-Dub on a flawless sleeping schedule and like the fact that on most nightsĀ she can sleep tillĀ my alarm goes off to get ready for work. K-Dub is now more independent and can feed herself her bottle and pick up her O’s and eat them. She can play on her own and in a few weeks we hope she will start walking. Why have another kid and start completely over? This section is selfish and does not care what people think about it.

The last section wants to have another kid but wants to wait until the right time. Lets wait til we have some bills paid and take a few trips before we start trying and when we do start trying lets not just let it happen and not focus on extreme baby making. When it happens, it happened kind of thinking. This sectionĀ is not eager to add a new kid but will not prevent it from happening.

So that is how my opinion falls. I am very unsure about what I think about having another baby. All I know is that what ever my wife and I decide to do about our family it will be the best choice for us. I have to say that K-Dub deserves to have a brother or sister but as for right now she has her cousins and thats is all she needs. For now.

Where Has The Time Gone?

I sit here at work today trying to find something to blog about and let me tell you that sometimes blogging can be kind of a bitch. I sat here and wrote a few drafts when I happen to look down at my desk and saw a picture of Brittney and I when we first started dating. Not only am I thirty pounds lighter in this picture but it came to my mind that this was taken three years again.

I started to think about what was my life looked like three years ago. I was living in a small apartment with my roommate and his girlfriend. I had just got out of college and had that whole “I have no idea what I am doing with my life” thing going for me. I was working as a third shift cashier at the local Harris Teeter while also working two to three days at the last Blockbuster in the world that is open. I drove a beat up 1998 Jeep Cherokee that I had since high school. It sounded like a tank coming down the road. I loved it. I was barely making ends meet but was having the time of my life.

Then one day I came down with pink eye and had to go to the doctor’s office. What I did not know was that visit was going to change my life forever. That was the day I met my wife. We started to date and we had an instant connection and I knew that this person was a “game changer” that flip everything upside down.

Soon I got my first real job after college which I am still there. I moved out of that apartment and moved in with Brittney. After that we were engaged and then six months later we got married. After we moved in to our first house it was not long after that Brittney and I were expecting our first child and then January of this year our daughter was born.

Looking back on these past three years I am still finding it hard to believe that it has been so little time. What can I say? When you know, you know. Brittney and I don’t always get along but we have a deep respect for one another. She deals with my crazy one man dance parties in the kitchen, my constant complaining about our malfunctioningĀ bathroom scale, my weird laughing in my sleep, and my loud and smelly man gas that usually is a result from eating too much Subway. I deal with her need to be right or to prove herself right, her crazy and somewhat expensive sweet tooth, her weird obsession with Keith Urban, and her “rage blackouts” that leave me crying in the corner. That last one is not true. Still we make it work. Thats love!

I would not change anything that has happened in the past three years. I would do it again if I had to but maybe with the whole staying thirty pounds lighter. I have a feeling that Brittney and I have so much more to look forward to. We are just getting started and now that we are parents, the real adventure is about to begin.


Just Think Turtleneck Sweater!- My Experience In Birthing Class


So I have been meaning to explain the what happened to Brittney and I when we went to Birthing Class for the first time. I know this is not really relevent since our kid has been our of the womb for two months but maybe this story will help another future dad from making the same mistakes I did.

When we arrived at the class, which was all the way in Downtown Charlotte, we found our way to the classroom. This room looked more like a tortureĀ chamber with its posters of naked women’s insides and instruments that I have never seen nor heard of. I quickly looked at Brittney and pointed to the door but she pointed to our seat. I tucked my tail between my legs and sat down.

Many couples came pouring in the room in less than 20 minutes. Some of these women looked like they were going to pop and I kept thinking to myself that if one of these women went into labor right now I would be home in 30 minutes to catch the last end of How I Met Your Mother. I would only be so lucky. I looked at the pregnant women’s baby daddies and they looked less thrilled to be her than I did. Some even held their head down in shame.

When our teach came in and introduced herself, I just remember thinking to myself, thank God she does not have a lisp like the women on the movie “Baby Mama”. I now think it would have been more entertaining. We will refer to her in this post as Patty. Patty opened the class with a brief introduction of herself and then we went around the room and introduced ourselves.

Names have been changed due to my lack of memory and fun of making crap up.

Ron and Tammy were having a girl. They were married and she was 34 weeks. Ron looked like he was a member of the Persian Mafia.

Doug and Carrie did not know what they were having and I still do not think the element of surprise is something a new parent needs to be faced with. Carrie was 35 weeks and from what I could tell the two kids liked their baby was a result of a random hookup at the club.

Kelly and Zack were 31 weeks and expecting twin boys! Enough said.

Ross and Rachel were having a girl and were that married couple you hear about in books that you either want to say “Awwwwww” or punch them in the face!

Marshall and Lily were expecting a boy and had were thinking about having a water birth. Thats all I have to say about that.

Patty then proceeded to show posters of what the cervix looks like at 10 cm. She kept telling us to think of it like a turtleneck sweater. This ruined it for me and I still to this day cannot look at a turtleneck sweater the same. It would have not that bad if the pictures were not real.

Patty then proceeded to show us a video of a live birth. Here it was ladies and gentlemen! The moment I had been dreading since Brittney got pregnant. The stupid “live birth” video. I looked down at the ground and took a few deep breaths. Patty told us to give our expectant mother some ice chips during the video. I looked a Brittney and said that she might need to save these for me when I pass out.

About 30 minutes later the movie was over. Both Brittney and I had frozen looks of discuss on our faces. I could not believe people call this a beautiful process cause there is nothing beautiful about what I saw on that screen. I was frozen in horror and just remembered thanking my luck stars that I would not have to go through this myself. I am a strong believer that there is a reason women have the babies.

After the video, Patty went and showed us the length of the epidural needle and that at the time did not seem that bad. Shen then opened the floor for questions and after an additional 45 minutes I was about ready to kill someone if they asked another question that they could have answered at home by just going to Google.com.

They way home Brittney and I talked about the stuff we just learned and the graphic pictures we just witnessed. We both felt more confident with the birth of our child but one thing we learned that was most important was that things can change in a second behind the doors of a delivery room.

(5) Preparing For Fatherhood


So I know that T-Fun world has been on some crazy hiatus lately but I want to come back and share some new great stories that I think will summarize how I am currently feeling about my impending new life coming into this world.

1. Reading the baby books.

I have am actually really proud of myself for taking the time to read the baby books and actually found one that has been both humorous and knowledgeable. I also would like to point out that my wife has actually not read any of the baby books. I can’t blame her cause “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” really freaked her out. It made her so terrified of the pregnancy. I read “Dad Is Pregnant Too” which is really funny and is a good read. I found myself going back to it when I found some of the material related to what was going on in the pregnancy. Unlike that Satan’s Guide to Pregnancy that my wife was too sacred to read, it showed me that pregnancy was not beautiful but really gross. I have found that the gas, mood swings, and the vomiting go with the territory.

2. Setting up the baby’s room

I actually started this a few weeks ago thinking of what I wanted to do. We got some of the furniture from our friends and family. We got a killer changing table from my sister in law’s employer. We even got a bassinet from one of my friends at work. I was so excited. Now I am just trying to figure out what to do with our computer desk cause let’s face it, it will be hard to blog if I have to worry about waking the baby up. I also have to pack up a bookshelf and move it out so I can make room to put the dresser my father gave us. The only thing left to do is just get a crib. My wife and I are almost there.

3. Finding alternate foods for dinner.

This has been really hard cause my wife and I have always based most of our meals around chicken but since she has been pregnant I am having to find other meats then the bird. This is one of the reasons I have not posted hardly any new recipes on the blog lately. Since my wife has been pregnant I have been having to make things like pork chops, hamburgers, and hotdogs. If those fail we usually go out to dinner. The cravings so far have been for late night trips for ice cream. When I say cravings most of them have not been from just her. It gets really frustrating when she tells you that salad taste like dirt, or could you grill it outside cause the smell is making me sick, or can you not make that cause it made me vomit twice the other day. I hope that one day I get to have fried chicken again. Someday.

4. Taking care of my wife.

Like I have said before I have become a master of the “duck and cover” method when I see the nostrils flaring and the smoke coming from her ears. The hardest things is never knowing what will set her off. A few weeks ago my house became a World War 3 war zone when I questioned my wife on why she wanted to throw a gender reveal party. It was bad and I am still picking my teeth off the floor but I will manage.

Side Note: Gender Reveal Parties are actually really cool but more on that a little later.

It has not only been dodging bullets when she is mad either. It has also been when she is sad or upset. I have been a huge advocate for the destruction of The Lifetime Movie Channel since the beginning of this pregnancy cause my wife will just sit there and cry the entire time. I ask her why she is cry and she just tells me she has no idea why. Its been an emotional roller coaster from day one and we are not even half done with this pregnancy. Other times she tells me she is unhappy with the way she looks and she is just so tired of feeling sick. I then have to remind her that she is not herself and that she will ok and to think of the bigger picture.

5. Finding time for myself

This has not been this hard. I always have a day to myself every week to get things done around the house, catch up with my shows on the DVR, and have lunch with my dad. It gives me the tim to go to the gym and to man stuff which is always important. Sometimes i wish I could go out with the guys and get a few drinks. Tonight I was actually invited to a free Def Leppard concert. I had to turn it down cause my wife really wanted to spend some time with me. I feel that I need to get these fun times in now cause soon I am going to have a baby to worry about. How bad does it look if you bring your baby to a bar? Real bad? I know. That was a dumb question.

6. Advice from other dads.

I have found a lot of awesome advice from some dads I started following on Twitter. Not only are these dads helpful but they are also so funny. I find that when i get nervous they are always there to say pregnancy does get better but the real adventure will start soon enough. When I doubt my parental skills they are always there to tell me that no dad is perfect and you will make mistakes. I needed this and glad that I found some people to relate to. The other great thing about is that they don’t know you so they have no reason not to be honest.

7. Go to every doctor’s visit.

I don’t feel I have to say much about this cause I am very lucky to be able to go to every doctor’s visit . I am very thankful that it works into our schedule. I think that it is really important to be there for my wife. To hold her hand as we get to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and to ask the doctor question that my wife may have forgotten to ask. It just works better for everyone if you are there.

These are just a few of the things I have been doing to get ready for the birth of my child. We are currently in the middle of week 17 of our pregnancy. We are almost to the halfway mark. I do have a list of things I am not looking forward to but I will share them at a later date.