Our Christmas Blues And Birthday Wishes!


Well Christmas is finally over and I am a little sad, relieved, and overall exhausted. Christmas is so exciting. We always wait anxiously for the day. Then it is over in five minutes and you are left so tired that you wake up the next day with your knee killing you. Yes I am talking about my experience. I am sitting here at work about to fall asleep under my desk with a note on my computer that reads DON’T WAKE UP TIL JANUARY!

Christmas was a lot of fun. K-Dub got tons of toys. So much that Mom and I are going to be getting rid of a lot of her old stuff to prevent clutter. Yes that is mean but we don’t want every inch of our house covered in baby toys. Its bad enough that I stepped on one of K-Dub’s “little people” this morning and screamed out in pain. I already hate those things and hope that hell has a special place for them. K-Dub got so many things to ride on this year. I hope this does not prevent her from walking soon cause those will  be trashed too. K-Dub also got not one, not two, but three Minnie Mouse stuffed animals! To make it worse, they are all in different sizes. So now she has one for the car, one for her room, and one for the living room for me to kick out-of-the-way. The best gift K-Dub got was from Santa and that was dino that pops little plastic balls. Why is this the best gift ever? Cause it teaches her to clean up! You know that I love to clean up!

This year there was a central theme in all the gifts I got this year. Besides the amazing Duke Blue Devil tumblers I got, which are amazing and I am drinking out of one now. I got a lot of cooking stuff! I got some spring formed pans to make more killer cheesecakes like the recipe I posted yesterday. I also got some really amazing new stainless steel pots that are so nice and shiny that I almost do not want to cook with them. I guess that in 2013 I cooked so much that my family has decided that I should have some better stuff to do it with. You know you are a grown up when you get excited for some new pots.

After going to four Christmases in one day(Yes, just like the movie!), we returned home to unload all of our loot. I washed all my new kitchen stuff and we organized all of K-Dub’s stuff. By nine last night we were so tired. We went to bed and said goodnight to each other and past out. Then I heard my alarm to get up and ready to leave for work and I nearly cried. I hate alarms!

So now that Christmas is over with I am now looking forward to that other holiday that is important and no it is not New Years even though that is one holiday I wish every year I could remember. Its my birthday in two weeks!!! I am going to be the big 28! There is one thing that I really want and I would go crazy for if I ever got one and that is a Nike Fuelband! That is the top of my list! Heres hoping!!!


Is It Christmas Time Already? Really?

Can I at least finish my Halloween candy first? I am never one to complain but I think that Christmas seems to be popping around way to earlier that usual this year. It seems as soon as the clock turned to midnight on Halloween night, the Christmas commercials already started. I looked at my TV and secretly wished that the Christmas themed “Target Dog” would pee on the newly lit Christmas tree. I guess that was too much to wish about. Then ABC Family has this dumb thing called countdown to the 25 days of Christmas, which really means that they are going to play the same dumb movies on the countdown that they play when it is actually Christmas time. The only difference is that I am sure one of those weekends will be Harry Potter Weekend!

After Halloween I had  some crazy cold starting and sent my wife to Target to get me some medicine. When arrived she told me that not only was she being pushed and shoved by the Black Turkey people( Black Turkey is the day after Halloween. It’s when all the Halloween candy is 50% off. It’s the Black Friday for fat people.), but she also got stuck behind people buying the newly put up ornaments and wrapping paper holders. Has it already begun?

I am setting at work today and I start to get really sleepy(Let me remind you I have a cold.) so I decide to head to the Starbucks downstairs only to find that they already have their Christmas flavors and signature “red cups” out. Where is my Pumpkin Spice Latte? Where did you go? What the hell is a Gingerbread Latte?

After almost having a nervous breakdown in the middle of Starbucks, I retreated back to my desk empty-handed to get ready for a meeting. I step into my meeting room only to be greeted by the sound of holiday music? Really? Then the conductor of the meeting starts talking about what her kids want for Christmas. She then proceeds to pull out a Toys-R-Us toy book to show what her snot noise kids have circled. Really?

So I ask again, Can I cut my damn turkey first before I even begin to start thinking about Christmas? I love the holiday don’t get me wrong but with the way Christmas has been shoved down my throat the past few days, I just rather wait and put up the tree, try a gingerbread latte, rock out to Jingle Bell Rock, the day after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holidays like they are intended to be enjoyed. One at a time!

Happy Birthday Charlee Bell!


Well today we had a birthday party for my sweet niece. Actually her birthday is next weekend but with my brother’s new schedule at work they had to have it early. We had an awesome party with close family and friends. She got a lot of presents and enjoyed her cake. Happy Birthday Charlee Bell! Your Uncle T-Fun and Aunt Bri Bri love you very much!