Super Run 4 Miler Recap


Well it was a very cold morning this past Sunday. I really excited about my first race of 2016 but not as excited to get out there in the freezing cold. BrittWhitFun and the kids came along to cheer me on which I am always grateful for.

For those who don’t know, this event is very new to Charlotte. Its only the second year they have done it and its always on Super Bowl Sunday! So the race is football themed of course which makes it more fun. So many people out there in their different jerseys makes it fun to see all the different types of football fans Charlotte has. Of course most of them were sporting their black and blue for those amazing Carolina Panthers! GO PANTHERS!


Registration for this event was quick and easy. I knew I wanted to do a fun race in February and this one seemed to stick out to me. If you registered early you got to get your name on your race bib and have your bib match the color of your favorite football team. You also got a very nice pint glass to drink your beer later that day and a nice comfortable shirt. The race also had a nice finish medal which you can see below.

We arrived at about 8:30 that morning and got the kids out and took the big one pee cause lets face it t hat is what every parent has to do when they get some where, The start line was close to my job so we went inside there to pee. By the time we made it to the start line people were every where. Food trucks and race vendors were out selling and promoting new events, music was playing, and people were on the ground stretching. This was my kind of event with my kind of people.


Ten minutes till the start time, we all started to line up. The announcer asked everyone to participate in the largest “dab” photo ever. it was fun. Soon the race was starting and everyone was taking off. The first mile was around Bank of America Stadium, which is a beautiful stadium. I was running full force and keep my 9:30ish pace very well. People were already starting to walk about to the halfway point. I told myself that I just ran a marathon two month ago and I should be able to handle four miles easy. Mile two took you past my Charlotte Observer office and down to Nascar Hall of fame which was mostly downhill and now it was more fun to run. I love downhill and the gentle feeling it gives on my legs.


When you turn on McDowell street you are in Mile three and this was where people started to fade. I struggled to cause when you go downhill you almost ways have to go back up the hill. The last half of mile three and all of mile four was up hill. I was still keeping my 9:30ish pace and I was push through. Many people who past me were walking and I was just pushing as far as my legs would go.

The hard last hill on mile 4
Finally I could see the stadium in my view and I new I was almost home! I ran past the Church Street and turned right and went for an all out sprint to the finish line and made it in 37:03! My best 4 miles ever! What a great way to start my Super Bowl Sunday with a great race and a fancy new medal!

All and all this was a fun and challenging race. Will I run it again next year? YES! I think this will be my new Super Bowl tradition besides eating a heck of a lot of chicken wings. At least now I can feel less guilty about it on Monday.

Shamrock 4 Miler Here I come!

1st race of 2016 DONE!!!!

2016 Race Schedule

Well 2015 was a great year. I completed two milestones that I never thought possible. A lot of people have asked me what am I going to do now? To be completely honest I don’t really have a plan. I really want to focus on lifting but I can’t go a whole year without a little running. I also can’t run without bringing you guys along for the ride. 

This year is all about the bling when it comes to running. I got the itch after the marathon. I think I carried that heavy finisher metal around with me for two weeks. I was and I am still proud but I want more metals. So I have to earn them. 

Here is the 2016 Race schedule for me…

February 7- The Super Bowl 4 Miler

March 12- The Shamrock 4 Miler

April 16- The Oak Island Lighthouse Half Marathon 

July 4- American 4 Miler

August 27- Yiasou Greek Festival 5K

September 17- Hit The Brix 5k & 10

October 2- Lung Strong 15k

October 15- Rocktoberfest Half Marathon

November 12- Thunder Road Marathon??

9 races and 9 metals for the year of 2016. I have not totally made up my mind about Thunder Road this year due mainly cause of the hard recovery I had afterwards. Those leg cramps are nothing to joke about. 

So I have about three weeks until the first race and I need to get started with my training. I know I can complete these races but I also don’t want to be over confident. I just need to run and more importantly have fun. 

So here is to a great race season. Be looking for my recap of the Super Bowl 4 Miler coming in a few weeks.