Valentine’s Day Is Exhausting!

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Since that crazy snow storm came through, I quickly ran out of time to go shopping for Valentine’s Day. I have never been one of those guys that wait til the last-minute but this year was not my fault. I was snowed in against my will and could not get to the store. What was a guy to do?

I did make plans for Valentine’s Day by arranging a hotel room for BrittWhitFun and I. This was a big deal for my wife cause it was going to be the first time she was going to leave the baby overnight. I jut needed to get other stuff like a nice card and maybe some of her favorite candies.

I went to the local Wal-Mart and managed to get in. I say that cause you would not believe all the males that were in there. Every guy had a teddy bear, a rose, a card, and a heart shaped box of chocolate in their hand as they fought their way to the front of the store. I quickly grabbed some candy and a card and threw a few elbows to get what I wanted and headed to the front. I even managed to grab a bottle of wine and some decorative rose petals. If you are going to do Valentine’s Day then you have to do it right. I waited in line for about twenty minutes at the “speedy” checkout and left unharmed.

Once I arrived at the hotel after being stuck in some leftover snow for 30 minutes, I checked in and decorated the room and gotta shower and a quick workout at the downstairs hotel gym and rush off to pick up my Valentine. Once I got her we went and had a not so quite dinner at the Stone Mountain Grill where we fed our faces like it was going out style. After we went back to the hotel  and that is all there is left to say about that.

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Every year on Valentine’s Day I have a tradition where I get K-Dub a book and a card. The book usually has a Valentine’s Day theme and I put the year in the corner along with a special message from Daddy. I went to Target and found a book that was so cute called I Love You So… She loved it and I love giving it to her. It’s just a special thing from her Daddy to her. 

So that was Valentine’s Day and I have to say that after doing all that, I was so tired but I would not trade those smiles on my wife and daughter’s face to save my life. Worth every elbow thrown.


Romantic Night In!


So with our crazy work schedules, my gym routine, taking care of K-Dub, and cleaning the house, BrittWhitFun and I don’t get a lot of time to spend together. We are constantly on the go and talk on the phone at least twice during the day. It usually is in the morning as I am driving to work and in the afternoon as I am driving home. When you have a child you are always trying to find ways to save money and cut cost but you sometimes are in a desperate need to spend some time alone with your spouse.

This is the dilemma that my wife and I were in. We were in a funk and needed to shake it up a bit. Of course we had to do this on budget.  We also had a kid at home and not sitter. So Friday night my wife had to go to Sam’s Club and I had to go to the grocery store. I told her let’s go one a “at home” date. She went to Panera Bread and got some take-out food and met me at the house. I got our groceries for the week and stopped by our local Redbox and got a movie to rent.

After putting the kid to bed, we got our food and popped our movie in and ate. I rented the comedy We’re The Miller” so we laughed almost the entire time. I never get tired of hearing my wife laugh. It’s a cute laugh. We then sat and talked about stuff and played catch up with this weeks events. I had no idea about some of the things going on with my wife. It’s great that we talk and then we headed to bed a little closer and stronger.

I am very grateful to have some time alone with my wife and she is a lot of fun. It is hard sometimes to find the time but I found that in marriage you have to make the time. Even when you have to spend the time alone at home with no sitter.