Back At It Again

It has been a long time since my last entry. There really are no other excuses other then life happens and that sometimes breaks are a must. That does not mean that I am not ever coming back. It just means that my time was spent on more important things like my kids and family.

There last entry I posted was in February and so many things have happened since then. Let me take a second and update you.

K-Dub is getting big. I sometimes cannot believe she is five cause I swear in the last few months she has hit a growth spurt. She looks more like she is 7. In my last update I told you she was starting dance. She has since had her first ever recital and loves it. We have plans for her to re-enroll in the fall.

Speaking of enrollment… K-Dub is starting Kindergarten in less then three weeks! Where did the time go? We were very lucky she got accepted at one of the local charter schools near where we live. She is excited and this weekend I am going to start gathering her school supplies while BrittWhitFun gets her school uniforms. I just can’t believe that we are finally at this moment and it makes me sad and joyful.

Evie is a force of nature. She has been getting big also. She has really come around on the loving Dad front and now she never wants to leave my side unless Mom is around. She has been really trying to grasp this whole potty training thing. She has #1 down by #2 has been a really struggle for not only her but for Mom and Dad. I may have stepped on poop while putting her on the potty. It just kind of rolled out of her underwear. Sorry. I hope you were not eating when you read this.

We have tried to transition Evie from her crib to toddler bed but it was a disaster so we decided to keep the crib a little longer. She is just not ready and until she is fully potty trained she really needs to stay in her crib.

Here are some of the other highlights of the past few months:

My SIL got married back in April. 

K-Dub learned to swim

My brother and I could not be better

My brother dressed like a lady for charity

I decided to take on swimming

Easter was a lot of fun.

We went to the Zoo

I won Coordinator of the Quarter

Had a great Mother’s Day Mingle At The Mint Event

Got a Vasectomy and my wisdom teeth out in the same month

K-Dub graduated from Preschool

BrittWhitFun and I celebrated 7 years of marriage

I tried float therapy and like it and did not drown

I did a build for Habitat for Humanity

Enjoyed 4th of July with friends

What is next for the family? We have a lot of things coming up. K-Dub starting school, Evie is turning 3 and we are heading back to Disney World in less then 90 days and I am not even close to being ready!

As always comments are appreciated and I can’t wait to here from you.


When Your Voice Changes Like The Seasons



I just posted on Wednesday about how much I love spring and the warm weather. What I forgot to mention is how much I hate Spring and the crazy airborne pathogens that come with it. Not only do you have to constantly clean your blue now turned yellow car but now you have to control allergies. Oh I guess beauty really pain.

I have to say that the warm weather has been nice. I have gotten to take some nice walks around the neighborhood and when you work in the city you love any weather that is not rain or snow.

This weekend I started to get a sore throat as I finished my work day on Friday and as the night progressed I became in more pain. All weekend my throat felt like it was on fire. When you are a man you don’t take pills. Not even for a headache cause you don’t want to feel weak. This is also one of the reasons why when men get sick they will tell you that no one has ever been sick like them. I know this cause I do it to my wife all the time and she hates it. She tells me all the time that I am a big baby. She is right. I hate being sick even when it is allergies.

Come Monday my face felt completely numb and nose was stopped up. We ate dinner as a family and once we got K-Dub down for her bedtime, my wife and I retreated to our bedroom. We played a game and not the kind of game you would think about when you picture a married couple retreating to their bungalow before 8:00 would play. We both took a Benadryl and waited to see who would pass out first while we both watched TV. My wife made it almost to the halfway point of the latest episode of The Walking Dead before snoring her life away but you have to remember she is pregnant and that baby is sucking her life force.

The next morning I woke up with the usual throat being on fire. I headed downstairs to get some at home work done for my job. I like to get up early in the morning to get a head start on my work. It makes my day run smoother. I called for the Tan Man to come so I could take him out to pee when I noticed my voice was gone. GONE! Like gone like the book Gone Girl except my voice is not a crazy murder like that crazy Amy Elliott bitch. That book was great!

So my wife came down and I showed her my lack of vocal cords and she told me to just try and stay calm. She is always good about calming my nerves about stuff. She knows how crazy hyper I can get about stuff. She was generally concerned. My daughter thought I sounded like Mickey Mouse. She loved it! Daddy’s voice turned into a cartoon character overnight and I was performing my big breakfast show for her. She was an awe. So now I dread heading home from work cause I am constantly going to be compared to Mickey Mouse.

Now you understand why my love for Spring has faded and my lack of enthusiasm is justified. At least until my voice comes back.

Popsicles And Tanktops

I have to say that I love this time of year. I love when the trees start to get their leaves back and the sun makes you warmer. There is nothing like spring weather. Not only is it good weather to run in but it is also the time of year where I find that spending time as a family gets easier.

During the winter months the level of tension at my house starts to rise. I am a strong believer in cabin fever and during the cold weather months there is really nothing to do but stay inside and eat a lot of comfort food. This use to not be the case for my wife and I. We use to still go out and do things like see movies and go to the coffee shop and hang out for hours. Now that we are parents we don’t want to take our small child out due to her being subjected to come down with the latest bug. This cabin fever can lead to extremely short fuses and tantrums. You can guess which one comes from me. Yes! I am the one who throws the tantrums and not K-Dub. Sad but true. As you can tell by the time spring comes, we are itching to get out of the house.

This past weekend was wonderful. It was the first warm day of the year. We stepped out side and watch as our neighbors did the same. It looked like something out of a movie. Everyone comes out of their house at once and has their hand above their eyes as they cope with the brightness of the world. You know the movie! People in the neighborhood started washing their cars, walking their dogs, riding their bikes, playing on the neighborhood playground, and even were going for runs. It was a great day to be alive.

I looked at my wife and we got K-Dub into her play clothes and grabbed some popsicles and headed outside. I got some sidewalk chalk that I had been storing since the summer and K-Dub and I sat in the driveway and drew stuff. She loved it. She got her little tricycle and started to ride. Her definition of riding is having Mommy or Daddy push her. After a couple of hours we sat in the driveway again and we let K-Dub have her first popsicle and it was really fun to watch how excited she was. She loved it and got it all over her “big sister” shirt.

Now that the weather is warmer I look forward to some nice outdoor runs. With only threes left until my half marathon I need to get off the treadmill and back on the road. Here is to a warm race season! How do you spend your time with beautiful weather?