Why I Do Murph

For the past few years, on Memorial Day, I always have one thing that I do. I head over to my gym and it down with about 30 of my gym friends and listen to the story of Murph.

What is Murph? I talked about this last year on my blog. Murph is a workout that we do every year on this day to show respect for our fallen soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The workout is…

1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

This year was the first year where instead of doing it as a partner I did it myself. My version was a little different as I did a 1 mile run, then 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 pushups, and 30 squats, then another 1 mile run. I still did the work but I just broke the reps up. This was from the advice of my coach.

This workout is as hard as it looks. I am still very sore from it but thats not the point. The point is to feel even an ounce of the pain that our soldiers go through for our freedom. I have so many friends in the military and I have so much respect for the sacrifice they not only make for themselves but for their families. I have a friend that is out of the country and is missing his son who is not even six months old yet. That is love to be able to withstand that and I am here fortunate enough to see and hold my girls anytime I want. What a reality check.

So if you never done this workout then give it a try. Do a partner version. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day.

Happy Thursday!

Why I Love Crossfit!

  I really have not shared a lot about my experiences at Crossfit. I know some people tell me that they look at the workouts we do and think I am crazy. Well we all know I am! After joining my Crossfit crew in Febuary, I have found many reasons to keep at it. Here are the reasons why I love Crossfit.

I like having my workouts planned before I go in. My coaches work hard to make every workout. They make it where it test every part of the body. Its nice to walk in the door and already have the workout written on the board. Also, I am not good at keeping up with strength training so to have someone do the work for me is great.

I like to be challenged. Every workout is a challenge. Some more then other but all have the same result. At the end I look back and can’t believe what I just accomplished. Its a great feeling. If the WOD is done with partners or if it is a 40 minute AMRAP, its great to overcome an obstacle.

Its nice to workout with other people. When I started on my weight loss journey last year, I had to do it all by myself with no help. All that running last year was me completely by myself. I did loose the weight but I was also so alone. Have you ever heard the expression “Its better to suffer together then alone”? I am a firm believer in that.

At crossfit, everyone is doing the same thing so every one suffers together. Not only that but they are also there to encourage you to give it your all. When you have given it all you got, they encourage you to get in those 15 burpees, run that last 400 meters, and to keep trying to get those toes to the bar. Not to mention you become friends with these people. You let them impact your life by sharing experiences and goals. That’s something you just can’t get at a normal gym.

You get results. That is the truth! I have to say that in just five months, my arms have never been tighter, I am actually getting definition in my chest, and my butt has never been more firm. When I first started, I could not even do a front squat. Now I can front squat 225 lbs. I could not do a wall walk but with some practice I managed to do one. I am still working on getting my toes to the bar and a pull up and I will get there. My goal is to be able to do at least five by this time next year. I struggle with jumping rope, due mainly cause of my big feet, but soon I will master the art of the double under! Its great to have goals and to be thankful of the accomplishments you have already achieved.

Those are just five of the reasons I do crossfit. I love it and it works really great with my marathon training schedule. There are days where the workout is easy and then there are days like Wednesday that leave me like this after a 40 minute AMRAP. Either way, I love crossfit and my crossfit peers!