Disney Mug Tuesday- Starbucks Animal Kingdom Mug

Well we made it to my last Starbucks mug. Animal Kingdom was not any favorite park at Disney World but it was still fun. I think once the Pandora opens this week then that my change my mind when I visit again in the future. We shall see.

There were some cool things about this park. Here are some of my favorite memories.

Uncle & Nephew Time

It is not every day I get to spend the entire afternoon with just my nephew but this past weekend was one of those rare occasions. We met up with my SIL and BIL at the park the other day and let the kids play and run any excess energy they had out. It also gave us adults some time to chat. My nephew Holden and K-Dub where playing and having a great time like always.

When it came time to leave I may have invited my nephew over to hang with me not thinking he would actually want to. He is three and his parents, especially his mom, are his world. The was a very good lesson for me cause he actually said yes and I would have looked like a complete A-hole if I said no.

So after we all went to lunch together, his parents dropped him off at my house and went on their way to do some shopping. My wife and kids had a birthday party to go to and I was left with Holden. I had no idea what we where going to do. He looked at me and I asked hime. He said he wanted to go the movies.

We ended up going to the movies and seeing Boss Baby which was actually a great little movie. It was way better then I expected and it also gave me an opportunity to spoil my nephew with popcorn, candy and soda. He loved it.

After the movie I really wanted a cup of coffee and Holden may have let it slip that he wanted a cake pop. So being the cool uncle I am, we went to Starbucks.

When dropping him off he told me I was his best friend and showed me his new Captain America costume he got for Costume Day at school. I really ended up having a ton of fun with this kid.

I love all my nephews and nieces and sometimes it is just nice to take them and spoil them a little bit and work on our relationship. My mom once told me that every person you come in contact with, even if it was a bad contact, shape you to who you are and who you will be. I feel that I am shaping my nephew to be even more awesome then he already is.

Disney Mug Tuesday- Epcot Starbucks Mug

Here is the third of the Starbucks mugs that I brought home from Disney World. This one is from Epcot. Epcot was my absolute favorite park in all of Disney World. I also think it was the only one that catered more to adults. I love how you could buy booze from around the world and try different and exciting foods. Also the park is beautiful especially when you go during the Wine and Garden festival.

Every time I drink out of this mug I remember all the fun and exciting times we had in those two days we were at Epcot.

Disney Mug Tuesday- Magic Kingdom Starbucks Mug

So as I did on my first Disney Mug Tuesday, I am going to showcase yet another Disney mug I found a Starbucks inside one of the parks. This week I am showing off my Starbucks Magic Kingdom mug.

Magic Kingdom was not my favorite park but it was still one that was pretty cool. It was where mu daughters met most of their favorite princesses, we at some really good food, and we the rides we classic and amazing. My favorite memory about this park was eating dinner inside Cinderella’s castle while the fireworks were going off. We got to see them from way above the crowd and it was super special.

Every time I look at this coffee mug I am reminded of all those fun times with my family. I sure can’t wait to go back but it is nice I have a piece of of The Magic Kingdom here at home with me.

Disney Mug Tuesday!

So if you have not been reading the blog lately then you would not know that my family went to Disney World about a month ago and had the time of our lives. The trip was amazing and I am very ready to start planning another trip.

On thing that I love more then Disney is coffee mugs. Yes of all the crazy things to collect. The more unique they are the better. When I was at Disney I grabbed a lot of coffee mugs. I got so many that I had to have some shipped to my house. So starting this week I am going to show one. If you have any Disney mugs please tweet them to me @TFunDaddy or tag me on Instagram at @tmfunde and use #disneymug. Awesome! I can’t wait to see yours.

The first couple I am going to share over the course of a few weeks is the Starbucks You Are Here collection. The first one is my favorite. It is from Hollywood Studios.

Don’t forget to share your mugs! Happy Tuesday!

Crock Pot Pumpkin Bread!


Well its been a long time since I posted a recipe on the blog. I have become really obsessed with using my crock pot lately and have found some really amazing recipes and one of the most recent adventure is a very tasty fall treat. I love Starbucks and one of my favorite things there that is not made of coffee is their pumpkin bread. It’s so good.

I have been looking for a recipe that is both easy and delicious because I am not a baker by any means. I burn the slice and bake cookies that are claimed to be “idiot proof”. I found this recipe is amazing very “idiot proof”.


1 Can of Pumpkin

1/2 (8 oz) block Cream cheese, softened

2 Eggs

1 Cup Sugar

1 Teaspoon Baking soda

2 Cups Flour

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Stick of butter or margarine, melted

1 Cup Pecans or nut of choice (optional)


1. Mix pumpkin and cream cheese together

2. Mix the rest of the ingredients in bowl.

3. Spray crock pot with bakers joy

4. Pour mixture in crock pot.

5. Cover and cook on HIGH for 3 hours.

6. Once done put on rack to cool for 5 to 15 minutes.

For more great crock pot recipes, go to http://crockingirls.com/recipes/pumpkin-bread/

I Have Venti Size Love For You, Starbucks


Dear Starbucks,

I pull up to you small but quite shop. My morning has been so bad and all I wanted to do this morning was to put your hot, creamy, black liquid inside me. I had to tell my wife I was heading to the grocery store. I hate to lie to her but she does not understand our wild love affair. She will never understand our burning passion for one another.

I walk up to the counter and a gaze at you mighty variety of sweet and warm treats. One of your nice workers greet me and ask me what they can get started for me this morning. My mind is saying skinny vanilla late but I feel like being a bad boy this morning and getting a black and white mocha. I order my drink and sit there and wait while breathing in the amazing aroma of your coffee awesomeness. I suddenly forget the stress of being a husband and father. I remember our other times we had together. How you always helped me with so many blog entries and early morning meetings. You have been such a savior.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my name being called. I rush to the counter and grab my warm cup of love that has been prepared just for me. I find a chair. The perfect chair. Its oversized, dark red, and feels like it was specially made for my ass. So I sit there listening to your infinite playlist of mellow tunes while sipping on your warm chocolate and coffee goodness. I fall into a coma of relaxation thinking of nothing but sitting in a log cabin being warmed by nothing but a cup of your amazing coffee and a small fire. Snow falling outside with just a hint of a wind chill coming in through the cracks of the window frame. The mind numbing indie music playing as I attempt to hum along when…….

My fantasy is interrupted by the sound of my cell phone. I look down at the new text from my wife asking me where have I been for the past two hours. I reply that I am on the way home. I get up and finish your sweet coffee and walk out the door back to my life of chaos knowing that our love affair will never end as long as you are in driving distance from the my house. Thanks again for not telling anyone. They would never understand our love.


(Starbucks Addict)

How Coffee Almost Killed Me


Yesterday I almost died or at least I felt like I was going to. I never knew that drinking a simple morning beverage would be the almost end of me.

It all started in the morning of course. I just got up and got ready for another day at the office. I was feeling a little sluggish and decided to make a cup of coffee. I recently found the love of this beverage as I had never liked coffee unless it was made at a Starbucks in the past. I made a chocolate glazed doughnut flavored coffee and put some creamer and drank it. I actually drank it pretty slow.

I waited about ten minutes and did not really feel anything so I decided to make a cup for the road. This is something I never do. I started my commute to work sipping my coffee cup and jamming out to my new Justin Timberlake album. I got to work around nine and still was not feeling anything.

My office had a Starbucks in the lobby so I stopped in and got their dark blend coffee. I put a dash of half and half and headed upstairs. I got to my desk and by 10:30 am I had completely devoured my grande sized coffee.

Now around noon I started to feel dizzy and then it was followed my a migraine headache. My nerves in my fingers went numb and I started to shake. My heart started beating really fast and my vision got very blurry. I thought I was fixing to die.

I do have a heart condition called Afib but I have been able to keep it under wraps for the past few years. I told my boss I was not feeling well and headed home.

Once I arrived at the house I laid on the couch and slept for a hour and a half and then told my wife what happened. She told me I was a stupid person for drinking so much coffee in three hours and for knowing about my condition and how dangerous that was.

Now that my wife has put me on a one cup of coffee a day regiment, I do see how I could have died. My new found love for homemade coffee will always be true as I still brew my morning cup.

My Thankful Thanksgiving List

There currently is this new trend on Facebook to tell something your are thankful for during the monthly of November. Not only is this the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, it also takes away from the meaningless conversations I know I will be having tomorrow during Thanksgiving lunch and dinner. Lets face it as some idiot always suggests that we go around the room and say what we are thankful for.

Please don’t think I am not thankful for what I have cause I am.  I just don’t think that I have to profess it on one given day of the year. So I have come up with a list of things to be thankful for so that if anyone asks me, I can just tell them to go to this blog and check it out for themselves.  This list is in no order. It’s just a random thoughts

  1. Pretzel M&Ms (If you have not tried them you are missing out.)
  2. My iPhone (I would be lost without you)
  3. Starbucks (You are my home away from home and my favorite secret)
  4. Bottle water (You are convient and healthy)
  5. My blog friends (Your encouragement is always needed and appreciated)
  6. Tanner (You are the best dog ever)
  7. Toliet Paper (You know why)
  8. Elastic (You never judge me)
  9. Rasins (If you were made into an M&M, I would totally love you)
  10. Best Buy (My man cave)
  11. Carolina Panthers (If you won more and got rid of Cam, we would have a better relationship)
  12. My Wife (She deals with my gas. Enough said.)
  13. Carrabba’s (Your food is so good, I want to sew my asshole shut every time I visit you)
  14. My iPad (You bring me hours of fun and an escape to kill pigs with birds)
  15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Best show ever)
  16. Starbuck’s Skinny Vanilla Latte (A tall only has 100 calories and its great to say skinny)
  17. My penis (Another great year)
  18. The beach (Where reality and dreams mix in a bottle of beer)
  19. Twitter (The one stop shop for sex jokes, parenting advice, and a constant reminder that everyone has problems)
  20. Teen Mom 2 (A reminder of how awesome my life is)
  21. The Walking Dead (Second best show ever)
  22. Brownies (If this was crack, I would be addicted.)
  23. The Twilight Saga (Thank God it is over!)
  24. EW.com (If you are for crackheads, I would sleep on a mattress on the floor to have you in my life)
  25. Buffalo Chicken Wings (You may not love me back sometimes but the love I have for you expands almost as much as my stomach)
  26. My family
  27. Honey Boo Boo (The real definition of white trash but so much fun to watch)
  28. Lauren Conrad (The only woman I would leave my wife for)
  29. Running (My new favorite hobby)
  30. Starting my own family (It’s not always easy but the rewards are better than anything else)

I think 30 reasons to be thankful are enough. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and be careful on Black Friday. No waffle iron is worth taking  an elbow in the face for. Trust me cause I learned that last year.

Is It Christmas Time Already? Really?

Can I at least finish my Halloween candy first? I am never one to complain but I think that Christmas seems to be popping around way to earlier that usual this year. It seems as soon as the clock turned to midnight on Halloween night, the Christmas commercials already started. I looked at my TV and secretly wished that the Christmas themed “Target Dog” would pee on the newly lit Christmas tree. I guess that was too much to wish about. Then ABC Family has this dumb thing called countdown to the 25 days of Christmas, which really means that they are going to play the same dumb movies on the countdown that they play when it is actually Christmas time. The only difference is that I am sure one of those weekends will be Harry Potter Weekend!

After Halloween I had  some crazy cold starting and sent my wife to Target to get me some medicine. When arrived she told me that not only was she being pushed and shoved by the Black Turkey people( Black Turkey is the day after Halloween. It’s when all the Halloween candy is 50% off. It’s the Black Friday for fat people.), but she also got stuck behind people buying the newly put up ornaments and wrapping paper holders. Has it already begun?

I am setting at work today and I start to get really sleepy(Let me remind you I have a cold.) so I decide to head to the Starbucks downstairs only to find that they already have their Christmas flavors and signature “red cups” out. Where is my Pumpkin Spice Latte? Where did you go? What the hell is a Gingerbread Latte?

After almost having a nervous breakdown in the middle of Starbucks, I retreated back to my desk empty-handed to get ready for a meeting. I step into my meeting room only to be greeted by the sound of holiday music? Really? Then the conductor of the meeting starts talking about what her kids want for Christmas. She then proceeds to pull out a Toys-R-Us toy book to show what her snot noise kids have circled. Really?

So I ask again, Can I cut my damn turkey first before I even begin to start thinking about Christmas? I love the holiday don’t get me wrong but with the way Christmas has been shoved down my throat the past few days, I just rather wait and put up the tree, try a gingerbread latte, rock out to Jingle Bell Rock, the day after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holidays like they are intended to be enjoyed. One at a time!