First Week


So it was back to the grind this week as schools opened back up, people heading back to work and of course, traffic being crazy. What it also means is that it was the first week of New Years resolutions. How has your resolutions been going?

This week I have hit the gym hard…very hard. I have been incorporating a lot off strength training as well 30 minutes of cardio a day. I have been managing my nutrition very well and I actually meal prepped all my lunches, snacks and made a schedule for my supplements and shakes. It seems to be going well. The scale is starting to move in a direction that I am starting to like, I have more energy through the day, it has been easier to get out the door in the morning since all my lunches are made.


As far as my devices go, I am happy to announcement that I have had my electronics away from my bedside all week. It has made me more attentive and I have been able to connect to my wife on another level. I actually have enjoyed being without electronics. It has been great.

So how are you doing with your resolutions? Are you having issues? If I am being honest I did have a small setback where I had a binge on Oreos. I am not proud of it but I jumped back on my commitment the next day. That is the most important thing. Don’t give up.


Late Training

So today was the first day I have ran since the Mother’s Day 5k. I have to say I was little worried. Why? Maybe its because I have a race in 13 DAYS!!!!

Yes that is right. I have a race in two weeks and I have not taken the first step to train until today. The American 4 Miler is creeping up fast and I still feel not so prepared as I have in my previous races.

So this afternoon, I grabbed my gym clothes out of my bag and headed to the gym at my office and hopped on the treadmill for what I feared was going to be the longest 4 miles of my life.

One thing I have learned is that it is not how many times you  are active, it is the fact that you ARE active. That is the most important thing. I am not a patient person and I would give anything to get rid of my gut and show some type of definition in my abs but I know with clean eating and hard training, I will get there someday.

As for my run, I never felt more alive after a run. I ate some spicy honey chicken I made during my meal prep on Sunday that was not a good idea. I felt sorry for the people running beside me as I was passing some serious gas. I feel confident that this race will not be a problem as long as I stick to training hard.

That is all for this week


Its Back To The Races!


 Well I am happy to say that I am finally back to my workout routine. Its been a long two weeks but I have finally made it back to the track.

Yesterday I headed back to the gym with every intent to take it easy. After dealing with gout, I wanted to make sure my foot was well taken care of. As the sun was on the rise, I pulled into the parking lot around five in the morning. I like going to the gym that early cause there is no one there. After locking my gym bag in my locker, I headed to the track.

There was no one there and it was calm and peaceful. Just the way I like it. I turned on my running playlist and my Nike+Running app and took off. I went slow at first just to get my pace then after mile one decided to pick it up a little bit. I was so nice to just run without having to worry about beating my time. My races are done and I am currently not training for anything. This was what running for fun felt like. I had forgotten.

Soon one mile turned into two then three and finally four miles. My foot felt great and I was in a state of “runner’s high”. There really is no better feeling. This month my goal is to run long distance. Why you ask? I have decided to leave the 5K race circuit and start working my towards 10k. This is huge for me cause now my runs are going to be longer and more intense. My next race is….


So there you have it folks! I am heading to Charleston! My training starts on October 13, 2014. I am excited and can’t wait to get started. This is going to be a fun weekend.

Wish me luck!