New Training Plan- Weeks 1 & 2

The past two weeks I have been on a new training plan. I got a new coach who is local and got a new plan tailored to my goals of the following:

  • Build more muscle mass on my upper body.
  • Train for a triathlon which I plan to compete in June 2018
  • To compete in a body building physique competition.

These three things are the last few things I want to accomplish before I turn 40. So I met with my coach and we went through each of these goals one by one and he explained how he was going to help me reach each one.

It was a matter of days, I was sent a complete weeks worth of workouts that were challenging and tested me in every way. Monday to Friday I was either at the gym or the home gym between 4:30 and 7 in the morning training.

I know it has been only two weeks but I can tell a huge difference. The main difference is being sore. REALLY sore. I love it. I can tell my muscles are growing. My ass is more firm and for the first time I am actually focusing on my core. I can’t wait to see what I look like in a matter of 6 months.

Getting Stronger And A Little Depressed

Todays post I just wanted to give a quick update on my progress.

As I said in a previous post, I have a goal of 215 to reach by May 15. Here we are only a little under a month away and I am at a stand still. The weight is not coming off. Today is one of those days where I just want to quick and binge on pizza and doughnuts…mmmm doughnuts.

However, I went to the gym in the office a couple of days ago and did not chest and back. When I looked in the mirror I saw this…

Do you see those shoulders? Are you serious? I never had muscles like these just sticking out before. I was a little depressed about how I was looking and the pics from the Spartan Race this past weekend were less then flattering. It showed me that I am on the right track and mine might be a little slower then everyone else but I will get there.

I have went up on the amount of cardio I do every week. I am now running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and on Monday and Friday afternoons around 3 miles. I am going to continue to do the training routine my coach has provided me but also throw in some target area session four times a week.

As far a nutrition is concerned. I am going to start carb cycling next week. I have been doing a lot of research on this and I am going to just dive in a give it a go. I have nothing to loose but 20 pounds of body fat.

That is my plan and I hope to fill you in as I go. Have you ever fell in the dumps about not loosing any weight? A trainer once told me it does not matter how much or how fast you loose it is that you never stop trying.

First Week


So it was back to the grind this week as schools opened back up, people heading back to work and of course, traffic being crazy. What it also means is that it was the first week of New Years resolutions. How has your resolutions been going?

This week I have hit the gym hard…very hard. I have been incorporating a lot off strength training as well 30 minutes of cardio a day. I have been managing my nutrition very well and I actually meal prepped all my lunches, snacks and made a schedule for my supplements and shakes. It seems to be going well. The scale is starting to move in a direction that I am starting to like, I have more energy through the day, it has been easier to get out the door in the morning since all my lunches are made.


As far as my devices go, I am happy to announcement that I have had my electronics away from my bedside all week. It has made me more attentive and I have been able to connect to my wife on another level. I actually have enjoyed being without electronics. It has been great.

So how are you doing with your resolutions? Are you having issues? If I am being honest I did have a small setback where I had a binge on Oreos. I am not proud of it but I jumped back on my commitment the next day. That is the most important thing. Don’t give up.


My Hopes For 2017



Here we all are again about to start a new year. It is a chance to start over. A chance to work on things that we had put aside. 2016 was a hard year. From loosing tons of Hollywood legends to loosing my amazing mother, this year has been rough for everyone.

I always feel like when it comes to starting a new year, I want to make my resolutions realistic. I want them to be obtainable but also a challenge. I want them to push me, to motivate me, and to make me step out of my comfort zone. I want them to make me a better person and for my friends and family to see me as a better person.

In 2017, I want to…

Break the cycle of how the world sees Millennials.

I was on Facebook the other day and found a video that was not only enlightening bout my generation but was also spot on exactly why we are the way we are. The answer is very simple. My generation grew up thinking that we were special, that we should have everything handed to us quickly and in a hurry. This is true. I find myself angry when things take forever and I have to wait. My generation grew up with participation trophies being handed to us so we did not feel left out. The truth is we should not be rewarded for simply participating. We should only be rewarded if we put in good work and accomplish something. Nothing should be handed to us. If everyone gets a trophy or a medal for simply being there then what is the lesson? That is why my generation can’t stay at the same job. When asking someone in my generation if they are going to quit and they say yes, ask them why. I bet the answer is that they feel like they have not made some kind of difference. How can you do that if you only been at that company for 8 months? Change does not happen overnight. I want to break this cycle in my own life. To do that I am going to be patient, work harder, and realize that I am not special and there are somethings that I can’t do.

Put the electronics down.

This coming year  I want to break free from electronics. I want to be able connect with people on a more face to face level. When my wife and I go out to dinner I am going to leave my phone behind and enjoy a real conversation with my wife. When going to bed, I am going to plug all my computers, iPads, and iPhones downstairs so that I can enjoy being in my room without any distractions. No more looking at Instagram at midnight cause I can’t sleep. To leave my phone at my desk when going into a meeting to show I am there to listen and that I care about what is going on my with coworker’s dad who has been sick for a while. My hope in doing this is to strengthen my relationships and to be a better husband, father, coworker, brother, and friend.

Get a handle on my nutrition.

When my mom passed away I ate my feelings and now I have gained 20 pounds that I am not sure is muscle, fat, or a combination of the two, Anyways, I want to venture out into the world of clean eating and really look at what my body is consuming. I want to track all my meals and meal prep. I want to really research different recipes and try new foods. I think this may be the year I finally get over my fear of bananas.

Train harder then ever before.

Now that I have my gym in the garage, there is no reason not to train harder, I am literally surrounded by exercise equipment. I have my local crossfit gym, Crossfit MNC, my home gym, and my gym at work. There really is no reason for me to be fat and not be in the best shape of my life. So this year I want to train hard. I want to burn at least 900 calories a day and I want to workout twice a day. I want to push myself. I have a Spartan Race in April that I am going to do with some friends at my gym so I need to be ready.

Blog more and more and more…

I know I am the worse about this, I always go really hard for a couple of weeks and then stop posting. It amazes me that I still have readers on this site. You guys must really love me. My goal is to blog up to three times a week. I want to keep you informed in whats going on in my life, share some articles that I found, post pics of the kids and our adventures, and to share cool and exciting new recipes I come across. I can’t wait to share my Disney World vacation with you guys or my Spartan Race and other great things I have planned. I can’t wait to get started.

2017 is going to be a great year. I am going to Disney World in less then 75 days. I have an amazing family. I am have the best friends and coworkers, I even have the best gym family. I know this year will be a challenge but with hard work and motivation and with the help of my favorite blog friends, I know this year will be great.

Here is to 2017!

Late Training

So today was the first day I have ran since the Mother’s Day 5k. I have to say I was little worried. Why? Maybe its because I have a race in 13 DAYS!!!!

Yes that is right. I have a race in two weeks and I have not taken the first step to train until today. The American 4 Miler is creeping up fast and I still feel not so prepared as I have in my previous races.

So this afternoon, I grabbed my gym clothes out of my bag and headed to the gym at my office and hopped on the treadmill for what I feared was going to be the longest 4 miles of my life.

One thing I have learned is that it is not how many times you  are active, it is the fact that you ARE active. That is the most important thing. I am not a patient person and I would give anything to get rid of my gut and show some type of definition in my abs but I know with clean eating and hard training, I will get there someday.

As for my run, I never felt more alive after a run. I ate some spicy honey chicken I made during my meal prep on Sunday that was not a good idea. I felt sorry for the people running beside me as I was passing some serious gas. I feel confident that this race will not be a problem as long as I stick to training hard.

That is all for this week


2016 Race Schedule

Well 2015 was a great year. I completed two milestones that I never thought possible. A lot of people have asked me what am I going to do now? To be completely honest I don’t really have a plan. I really want to focus on lifting but I can’t go a whole year without a little running. I also can’t run without bringing you guys along for the ride. 

This year is all about the bling when it comes to running. I got the itch after the marathon. I think I carried that heavy finisher metal around with me for two weeks. I was and I am still proud but I want more metals. So I have to earn them. 

Here is the 2016 Race schedule for me…

February 7- The Super Bowl 4 Miler

March 12- The Shamrock 4 Miler

April 16- The Oak Island Lighthouse Half Marathon 

July 4- American 4 Miler

August 27- Yiasou Greek Festival 5K

September 17- Hit The Brix 5k & 10

October 2- Lung Strong 15k

October 15- Rocktoberfest Half Marathon

November 12- Thunder Road Marathon??

9 races and 9 metals for the year of 2016. I have not totally made up my mind about Thunder Road this year due mainly cause of the hard recovery I had afterwards. Those leg cramps are nothing to joke about. 

So I have about three weeks until the first race and I need to get started with my training. I know I can complete these races but I also don’t want to be over confident. I just need to run and more importantly have fun. 

So here is to a great race season. Be looking for my recap of the Super Bowl 4 Miler coming in a few weeks. 

Marathon Training Month 5

  Month 5 was very challenging but I finally got to the root of the problem…


Rest Day


Evening– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Morning- Recovery Run 3 miles


Evening– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Rest Day


Morning- Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Long Run from 7.50 to 12 Miles

Total Miles Ran- 47.6

As many of you know, last month I managed to have a crazy skin infection and I messed up my knee. Although I did not have another skin infection, I did manage to hurt my knee again, This time I wanted answers and I was going to do anything to get them. I found out that I was simply working out too much and needed to take a break. I also needed to have two rest days instead of one. I also started my new job and had to adjust my schedule. With only one month to go until the marathon, my biggest fear was being told that I could not do it.

Goals For Month six- Long distance, long distance and long distance. Now is the time to get it in a much as possible. I want to be able to run up to 20 miles before the end of the month. This week I am starting with 15 miles. We will see how it goes. If I can just keep my body in check and not injure myself then I will be good!

Here we go!

A Step Back


Well I am really surprised I have any readers out there at all. My wife actually made the comment to me yesterday that it had been a while since I last blogged. Our little family has gone through some major changes.

In case you have not followed me on social media lately, then you must know that I got an amazing promotion at work and now I am full time! This year has been hard and with the power of prayer and a lot of hard work I managed to score this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see what happens next as I continue to grow and learn more about the exciting world of advertising! Now I have to get use to working 8 hours again, fighting traffic, and getting up early.

Also I found out why my leg has been bothering me. My knee started to swell last week and it was really hurting. I found that my knee and entire leg became inflamed. The reason was that I was doing way too much exercising. So now I have cut back on my routine. Now I am just doing my cool down run  and my long. run. Today is the first day I feel like I could run again, which is good because my marathon is less then 8 weeks way! So this week I am back to hitting the pavement and I could not be more ready.

We are only 3 short weeks away from Baby E coming! We are in crunch mode as we finish her room, wash her clothes, fold her blankets, and bring out the high chair. Things are changing at our house. As the days get closer I am getting more scared and excited. I am ready to meet her but I am dreading the lack of sleep that any parent will tell you is a real struggle.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for and a lot to be scared about. Thanks to everyone who has kept my family in your prayers and continued to support us. You love and encouragement means the world to us!

Marathon Training- Month 4


Month 4 started off great. I was motivated and ready to start going faster and getting my speed up. Then something went wrong…


Morning- Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Morning– Fast Run 5 miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Morning– Fast Run  5 Miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Long Run from 7.50 to 10 Miles


Rest Day

Total Miles Ran- 47.6

This month was great until the end. I was crushing my runs and even got my pace to 8:09 per mile. I was killing it. Then on the third week of the month I developed a skin infection that caused these boils to appear on my skin. I was placed on a huge round of antibiotics and was told not to go to the gym for 72 hours. If that was not enough, I developed a stiff knee to go along with it. So I spent that last week of the month nursing myself back to normal. This past Monday was the first time I have been to the gym in a week and I have to say I felt it. Tuesday night I started back on my running training and did a nice 3 mile jog. It felt good to be back and I learned that when injured, its ok to take some time off to heal. Your body will thank you.

Goals For Month Five- Well we have only two months left until the marathon and training is only going to get harder. I have taken a second job and my wife and I are expecting the arrival of our second child soon. I have a lot of long runs coming . The most distance my runs will cover is about 15 miles. I know that time will be the enemy in month five and I need to be more strict on myself when it comes to my runs. I just hope that my days of being on the injured list are over.

Here we go!

The Past Few Weeks

So I would be totally surprised if I had any readers left after this post. It’s not like I have been ignoring the blog but it seems that every time I go to write, it seemed that my mind just would come up with something. I guess I have a case of “extreme writer’s block”. Is that even a thing? 

I don’t want to keep writing about marathon training as that can get boring real quick. It has consumed most of my life at the moment.  My runs are getting faster and by the time I get to the end of the month I start to go further. I am both nervous and scared at this point. I am also excited to see how well I can do this. I have so much support around me. People taking time out of their day to come to the race to cheer me on. I feel I owe it to them and myself to keep going and not stop. 

Did I just bore you with a marathon training update? Sorry. 😁

Crossfit is starting to make a difference in my life. My body has never been stronger.  I actually have muscles on my arms, my chest is looking more chiseled and less like I have “man boobs”. I was really proud of myself for doing a 155 lb squat clean last week! That’s huge for someone like me. I also think I am ready to try a pull up. My coaches are amazing. Coach Greg, Sharon, and Mike encourage me to do my best. To push my limits and to never give up. I think after my marathon I am going to focus more on crossfit and work up to being able to compete. I think I am ready! 

As for the baby… I am not going into too much detail cause I have been working on a post about it. All I will say is that Everly moves a lot! She never stops! My wife has not slept good for the past two weeks and it’s not been the easiest time at our house. 

More on this later.