Half A Year Of Fitness

I know a lot of my readers are more than likely tired of reading about my workouts but I have to say that I am really proud of this journey. I have enjoyed where it has taken me and excited for where it is going to take me.

I was sitting a home a few nights ago looking at pictures on my iPad when I noticed how much I have physically changed in six months. It’s hard to believe it all started with a simple walk on a treadmill.

January rolled around and I decided to start running something I have never done before. I weighed in at a rough looking and feeling 289 back then. I started with a small run of one mile. By the time I was done with the month I was running a solid two miles in 25 minutes.

When February came I reached the three mile mark. I could run a 5k in under 35 minutes. My pants were loose and I was weighing in somewhere in the 260s. My clothes were fitting better and I felt better as a person. I started changing my diet and counting the calories I was eating. That made a huge difference. I even had a killer swim workout that month. Still have a lot more work to do with that.

In March I decided after a dinner with my family to challenge myself a little. The weather was getting warmer and I needed to do something crazy. I decided to run a 5k race. So I began training three days a week for it. Running as hard as I could to get my time down to under thirty minutes. At this point I was about 255 on the scale.

April brought me another curve ball in my way. I was asked to run a 5k at the beach with my brother. I was excited and scared to run my first race. I had been training so hard for my suppose to be first race in May but I just considered this one a practice. I got to the race and ended up finishing third in my age division in 29:25! I was really proud of myself and I even got an award. I also went to my first yoga class and now I love yoga. I even got a mat.

Coming fresh off that win, I knew the month of May was going to better. I started off training really good but then life stuff happened and I became kind of lazy. I was scared u was not going to do good at my next race. I showed up nervous and scared but I ended up beating my time. I came in at 26:51. I was fifth in my age division but I did not care. I proved to myself I could do it.

Since accomplishing me race goal I made some really good choices in June. I bought a bike to try cycling. I started to run more. I even chose my next race which is next year in Charleston, South Carolina. The big 10k known as The Cooper River Bridge Run! I was not weighing in at my lowest which was 228 and I dropped to my third pant size. I thought to myself I am going to reward myself with a crazy adventure. So I decided to go zip-lining. My wife, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law went with me. It was the most scary and greatest thing ever. Also I went on my first hike and really felt relaxed and one with nature. That sounded super lame!

It’s been a crazy life changing year for me. I have learned so much about myself and what it really means to be active. I at least try to be active an hour a day. I do sometimes fall short but I just pick myself up. I honestly believe I would not be able to do this without the support of my amazing wife and daughter. They are the reason I have even started this. They say fatherhood changes a man and I believe that with all my heart.

Now what’s happening for the rest of 2014? Here is what’s happening and coming up!

-Right now I am finishing up my July Crossfit Challenge. If you read the blog regularly you already know how that is going.

-In August and September, you will be seeing a lot more cycling and more weightlifting.

-October is a big month cause I will be starting my training for The Cooper Bridge 10k. Also, more yoga!

That’s just a few things I have planned. I am sure there will be other great stuff. I really want to try a kickboxing class or boot camp. My long term fitness goals is to run a half marathon, a marathon, and then a triathlon before I am 35. I would also like to complete a Spartan Race and a Iron Man. All in good time!

Thanks everyone for being so supportive. I do promise that I have some great new blogs about K-Dub coming so look out for those.

Until next time!


A Family That Moves Together, Stays Together


Now that I have become a fitness junkie, my life has changed for the better. I now look forward to going outside and doing things like mowing the grass or washing the car. I love going outside and feeling the sun on my skin as I run through my neighborhood. The best thing is the next morning when I step on the bathroom scale and I can actually smile at the results it gives me. My pants are more loose(I actually have dropped three pant sizes) and my shirts are fitting better. Another good thing is the fact that I can walk up the stairs and not feel like I am going to die.

So since I feel so good, why would I not want to share that feeling with my family?

Now it has been my mission to motivate my family to get out of the house and “move”. If it is just going for a walk after dinner, or playing with K-Dub in her kiddie pool, it’s just important to get out and do something.

My wife has been nothing but supportive about me and my weight loss journey. When I came home and told her I want to run a race she smiled and helped me stay on track with my training. When I told her I wanted to try crossfit, she started to help me find classes that were local. When I told her I wanted to go ziplining, she found me a great deal on Groupon. She is the best. I am so luck to have such an amazing support system at home.

I have motivated her to. I downloaded the Human app on her phone and a pedometer app to keep her motivated to move and it is working. Now we are active together. I have a strong belief that as a father and husband, I can only lead my family by example. I can’t expect my kid to be active as long as I am sitting on the couch doing nothing. I need to be out there too.

So how did you move today?

For a great blog post about moving, click the link below:


Now We Really Need To Baby Proof!

First, let me start off by saying that I am so sorry for not keeping you guys in the loop this week. Its been crazy at the FUN house and I will be sure to explain this week why that is. From birthday parties to snow days we have been taking one thing at a time. I actually forgot to share this video with you three weeks ago of K-Dub walking. It was right before her birthday and I was very excited. Now three weeks later she has mastered the art. Take a look!

So as you can see we are now looking in to doing a little more baby proofing around the house. It also does not help things when she makes a run for the stairs to climb up them. We have to rush over and pick her up and then put a gate up to keep her from trying again. She thinks it’s the greatest game ever and she laughs really loud about it.

This coming week on the blog I will talk about K-Dub’s first birthday party, our snow day, and our night-time battle with our newly one year old. Its going to be a good week but for now I just want to sit back this weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl and other “man” things!

Have a great weekend you guys!