Our Little Family Beach Trip

This past weekend we headed down to Holden Beach for a little family vacation. Nothing fancy but us and the rest of BrittWhitFun’s family. We really had no choice cause of all the renovations going on we could not be at the house.

The first day we were there we had a great breakfast over at Nana’s house. We then headed to the dock and got on my FIL’s boat. There is just something great about being on a boat in the summer time. We rode around for a while and found a great spot on the inlet and set up camp.

We spent the entire morning and afternoon playing in the sand, swimming, fishing, and just relaxing. It was great. The beach is one of my favorite places and it is awesome that my in laws share the same joy.

After we got done we loaded up camp and came back to the dock. We went back to the motel we were staying and got showers. After we got cleaned off we headed back over to Nana’s house so the kids could have some alone time with their Pop and Nana while the adults went out to dinner.

We had a great dinner at Provision Company which included a couple of cocktails and seafood. It is always great to get away without the kids and enjoy some adult laughs and conversation.  After dinner we went to a local ice cream shop where my SIL just can’t seem to eat an ice cream cone the right way. I mean who bites the end of a cone with ice cream still in there?

After some much needed rest we ready for day two. We went back to Nana’s house and ate breakfast again and then headed down to the beach.

We spent another long morning and afternoon on the beach swimming, digging holes, looking for seashells, and eating burgers from the local pier. Its was an awesome day. My kids got disgusting, especially Evie, and had to be rinsed off before heading home.

I must say I love my in laws and my little family. Our beach trips are always so much fun. I hope that even though our Nana is selling her place that we can continue these trips and enjoy each others company.

Live From The Road- I Am On Vacay! 


We are officially on vacation! That’s right readers, we are on the way to the beach for a quick vacation to enjoy this summer weather. Ready to get my toes in the sand and cold drink in my hand (water of course)! 

Thanks to our house sitter for watching The Tan Man while we are gone. You guys have fun! 


Summer Adventure 7- You May Get Wet But You WIll Get Soak


So yesterday we enjoyed a fun day at the water park. This was the third to last stop on out week long summer vacation.

We were finally home from the beach and were looking for some much needed down time at the house. I spent the great portion of my morning washing and folding our beach trip laundry. I also finished unpacking the bathroom stuff. BrittWhitFun was downstairs feeding K-Dub breakfast. After doing some much needed clean up around the house, we headed to the water park.

The coolest thing about the water park is that it is not huge. It’s just the right size for a small community. It has two really big slides and a lot of fun water stuff for the kids to climb on. K-Dub loved going down the kid slides and getting sprayed by leaky pipes. She had a blast.

After the water park we went and got some hotdog buns and had dinner with my sister-in-law Kate. She offered to watch the kids while my wife and I stepped out for a much needed date night.

What til you see what happened today. I can’t wait to share that story with you. I hope everyone is having a great summer I know I am.

My Gym Fail- The Wet Pants Incident


A funny thing happened to me yesterday after my workout. This has never happened to and looking back it is really funny. It was not so funny yesterday.

So I got to the gym very early in the morning around five. I went I to the locker room and hung my pants up that I was going to wear to work then headed upstairs to the track to do mile four mile run.

After finally finishing my run I headed back downstairs while sipping on my water bottle. I got to the locker room and got ready to take a shower. I put my water bottle on the top shelf and headed to get cleaned off.

After showering I went back to my locker to get ready for work and found that my pant were completely soaked. I was stood there with a blank expression on my face. The. I looked up and saw that I did not screw the cap on my water bottle tight enough and it had leaked all over my pants.

So I stood there wondering how in the hell I was going to fix the situation. It was too late to head back home for another pair of pants and it was going to take forever for these pants to dry. So the only solution I had was to wear my dirty, smelly, and damp workout shorts to work.

The entire day I was in my workout shorts and a polo shirt that did not even match. I stood out like a sore thin all day. My coworkers got a good laugh at my explanation and picked on my all day. Another bad thing was that I could smell my shorts all day. It was gross!

You would think that I took these shorts off when I got home. I did not and actually went to dinner and had a trip to Target in them. Why not? By that time the smell had burned a permanent hole in my nose so I was invincible to the horrid smell.

So lesson learned today to always make sure the lid to your water bottle is screwed on very tight before heading to the showers. If not then you get wet pants and smelly shorts!

(2) In My New House And Ready To Blog!


Sorry it has been too long since my last entry. I have now moved everything in the new house and we are almost all the way unpacked. I have most of the room completely done but there are a few big ones like my bedroom where I am still trying to find places to put stuff. I knew we were going to have more space but I never thought we would have so much of it.

The best thing about moving into a newly built house is that everything is brand new. From the floors to the appliances, you know you are the first person to use it. I like that very much considering I don’t have to worry about any issues for a few years. I also like that when I am upstairs I can’t hear anything downstairs. This make TV watching and relaxing much easier. Finally I am able to use my living room again!

Unfortunately, there are more bad things that come with a new house. I am constantly finding things wrong that should not be the way they are. For example, my wife goes to brush her teeth in out now double sink bathroom (yes I am so excited about that!!) and finds that her sink only gives out hot water. Also, my mother-in-law stayed with us recently and went to take a shower in the kids bathroom and the metal cover where the water comes out shoot across the tub and cuts her foot! Plumbing has not been the only issue. It’s hard to get mail delivered on a street that has been built recently cause it does not show up on any GPS, It took me two weeks and nine phone calls to get my trash service to deliver my new cans. I also had to deal with new construction the street behind us, which is so loud that the baby can’t seem to take her naps.

The whole buying a house experience has been one I would still do over again if I had to. There is something very rewarding about owning your own home. B and I are very happy to have a place to call home and that we have no more packing and moving in our future anytime soon.

#2 Buy a House- Completed on 09/13/2013

On another note, I know things have been very crazy lately with me and I have not posted anything in a while. I have been thinking of changing the name of this blog to something that reflects my personality a lot more. I also want to post more and since now I have the time to do it, I want to take advantage of it. I do apologize for my long absence and I am proud to say that I am back and newly committed to the blog. I have some great new stories as well as some new recipes that feature my new love, my crock pot! So if any of you are still keeping up with this blog, I ask you not to give up on me. I am back and ready to blog!