Renovation Hell

Sorry that today’s post is late. My wife and I are in the process of finishing our renovation project in the house. We are in the beginning phases of getting hardwood installed on our first floor, up the stairs and the second floor landing.

Why has this been a nightmare. Shortly after agreeing with the contractor last night we were told that we had to remove all the stuff off the floor of our pantry, hall closet, and dining room. The only problem is that the pantry is overstocked, the hall closet is more of a junk closet, and the dining room is more of a playroom with a ton of toys in it. It is a little embarrassing to talk about but even Monica Geller had a secret junk closet.

This would be an easy task to accomplish if we did not have appointments on Thursday and Friday night and if we were not planning to leave for the beach on Friday. This is the problem. Last night my wife and I tackled the hall closet and dumped most of it to a temporary home in the garage/home gym. Tonight I am riding solo as the wife is getting her hair done and I have the kids all to myself. My task that I was given was to finish the rest by myself.

This is going to make for a fun evening. Happy Thursday! I think I need more of this…


Exploring Charleston

As. you could tell from last weeks posts it was mine and BrittWhitFun’s anniversary. We decided that instead of taking the usually trip to the beach to go somewhere we both have never been. So after some talking my wife decided to book us a weekend in Charleston, SC. I have always heard that Charleston was a beautiful town that was full of local artist, good food, and some great local beer. I have to say that after a long weekend I have never been more sick of food and beer but it the greatest way possible.

We arrived in Charleston Friday afternoon. We were both starving. We decided to stay in Mt. Pleasant cause it was cheaper and there were plenty of stuff to do here also. The first place on our list was some good lunch. After some suggestions from our friends we ended up at Shem’s Creek Bar and Grill. I of course had to try shrimp and grits for the first time and it did not disappoint. We sat near the water and watched people paddle board in the creek. I tried an IPA called Damn Yankee that was very good.

After lunch we headed to Isle of Palms beach. This beach was cool. There were plenty places to park(for a $1.50) and lots of shops. The beach as amazing. The sand was so soft. My wife and I took a long nap on the beach and just relaxed with one another.

Soon it was time for dinner. We headed to our hotel and checked in and then went to Melvin’s Ribs and Que. It was a lot of food and I could not even finish it but it was good what I ate. Then we went to a bar and had some drinks and desert. before calling it a night.

The next day we got dressed and headed to Charleston. We stopped first at Another Broken Egg Cafe. After waiting for a table for an hour and another hour for our food we indulged in a cinnamon roll that was out of this world followed by a Hello Lucy. The food was worth the wait! So good and I wanted to steal there little cute mugs but my wife told me we did not need another one.

After breakfast/lunch we explored the market place. I loved this place cause it was nothing but local artist and chiefs. We bought a few gifts for some loved ones and ourselves and I did manage to get a nice coffee cup. We even found a cool Charleston Christmas store and bought some ornaments for our tree this year.

We managed to find a cool wine bar and sat down and enjoyed a couple of glasses before heading out to see some sites.

The first place we went to was Washington Square Park. This place was so cool and it had plenty of shade. It was behind this beautiful church. After cooling off we headed to Waterfront Park which had an awesome view of the water, a pier, two splash pads, and a water taxi. It was just so neat to walk through.

By this time we were tired so we got to our car and went to Starbucks and grabbed some iced coffees. I fell asleep cause according to my wife I can fall asleep anywhere. True story.

I had made dinner reservations for us at an upscale restaurant called Magnolia’s. So we headed back into downtown and made our way there. We had some great martinis to start us off. We then were seated and indulged ourselves in some fried Mac and cheese and palmetto chesse, which now that I am typing this makes it sound bad for my stomach. My wife got a salad and I got buttermilk fried chicken that was out of this world. I wish I could have stopped myself long enough to take a picture of it. So good.

After dinner we went to the hotel and chilled out for a little and then headed back to Isle of Palms again. This time we just got some ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s and walked on the beach and looked for shells. It started to get dark and we headed back to our hotel for some rest.

I must say it was a great vacation with my wife. It is not every day we get to have some alone time. She did a great job about being away from the girls all weekend. Sunday she was ready to get home and I really can’t blame her. I was missing them also. It was a great anniversary with my love. I still can’t believe we made it to six years and I can’t help but feel we are only getting started.

Summer Adventure 1- A Little Wine To Go With That Anniversary


So like I said a few blogs ago, I have some amazing things planned this summer and I can’t wait to show you guys. If you follow me on Instagram, Foursquare, and now my new blog on Tumbler, you know that last night my wife and I celebrated our three-year anniversary.

The past few weeks I have been researching online some fun things to do. I wanted this anniversary to be something special. I wanted to do something that BrittWhitFun and I never have done before. I finally came upon a wine tasting event and winery tour that was located not that for from our house in middle of Monroe. So I bought tickets.

After convincing  Brittney to go we set off on our course with not knowing what to expect. We arrived to what we thought would be the last place we would ever think there to be a winery at. It was in someone’s backyard but it was like we stepped into the country side of Italy. It was beautiful. The place was called Treehouse Vineyards cause at the top of this big oak tree there was a gorgeous treehouse that looked over the grape vines and the pond. It was like the tree houses you see on Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet.

We walked up under a covered shelter to the outside bar. There we were instructed to pick up our glasses and sit down at the table. We sat there while others came in and talked to each other. I have to say that it was nice to have a conversation with my wife that did not evolve around how many times K-Dub pooped today. Finally the wine tasting began and I liked how every type of wine had a story behind it. It was cool.

The last thing they did was tell you to come to the bar. There they put this cider slush in your cup and then you chose the wine you wanted to put in it. They called it a wineritta. It was awesome.

After sipping on that and buying a full glass, we started our tour. There we learned from the owner’s son about how they make the wine and distribute it. It was very interesting. I was getting tipsy and smarter at the same time.

Before we left they gave us a free bottle of our choice and our wine glasses to take home. All and all this place was amazing and helped make our anniversary very special. We will defiantly be back and next time with more friends. I want to go up in that treehouse.

For more information about Treehouse Vineyards, please click here