Swolemates In The Making

It has finally happened folks. My wife and I are finally working out together!

Ever since I got into fitness I have dreamed of getting my wife to join me. I always saw couples at the gym working out together and that was always something I wanted for me and BrittWhitFun. She came up to ma couple of days ago wanting me to teach her things and give her some workouts.

Before I knew it she was starting to eat better and ask about how to lose weight and tone her body. So we researched and I gave her some stories from my own experience.

I explained that it is a journey and not an overnight thing. To keep trying even if you feel like given up. My body is no where I want it to be but I am getting closer everyday and I know with hard work and dedication and a super supportive husband she will be fine.

This is going to be fun.

Hard Work Is Paying Off

This week I have not done a lot of running but have remained very active. My office has moved to a new building and I have taken full advantage of the free fitness center that we get to use. 

On my lunch break I have been going down and hitting the weights and practicing some crossfit moves. I am mainly working on my pull ups cause one of my main goals is to do 10 unassisted pull-ups by December. 


I was working out the other day and notice my arms are so much more defined then they were a year ago. It’s nice to see changes like these cause it makes me know I am doing something right.